Review: Stemmler’s Hot Pepperettes (B+)

Hello there fellow Jerkyologists!

Our keen Jerkyology attentions are focused today on a pack of Stemmler’s Hot Pepperettes from Stemmler’s Meats in Ontario, Canada.  This is the fourth and final of the Stemmler’s treats given to us from our buddy, Doug L.

Stemmler's Hot Pepperettes

Stemmler’s Hot Pepperettes

These small, spicy sausages are a glimpse at the breadth of expertise over at Stemmler’s Meats.  You really can’t tell if a self-labled ‘hot’ meat treat is actually going to deliver any punch and, if it does, it’s just as likely to try to hurt you as delight you.  Do these pepperettes deliver the real goods?  Let’s see what you get with this one:

Taste (B):    This is fun stuff.  Your first flavors are all savory with a touch of sweetness and not so much as a hint of heat.  It’s a tasty, well-balanced flavor… that gives way to some bite!  There’s some serious tang that sets as you finish off your first bite and, make no mistake, the heat has arrived.  There’s a great multifaceted ‘hot’ that’s got a good foundation of pepper but layers other seasoning atop it that seem to drive that pepper to new high.  It lingers, just like it should, and all-told it leaves you wanting more… and a tall glass of water.  More impressive is that it’s never overwhelming.  Hot, but always enjoyable.

Texture (B+):  These sausages are tender, well blended, and have a substantial casing that provides just a bit of a crunch, but doesn’t hold you back as you bite.  It feels good to the mouth and is definitely something you’ll enjoy.

Smell (B-):  These have a meaty, and slightly savory scent that doesn’t really hint at the heat inside.  Instead, their small is almost disarming.  You can just pick up a touch of the maple smoke, too, and it all conveys a quality treat.

Appearance (A-):  From the dark, reddish-brown casing to the neatly mottled texture of the sticks, these Hot Pepperettes look really good!  They look inviting and match up well to their substantial quality.

Consistency (A-):  The Stemmler’s Meats folks did it again.  Stick to stick this is an expertly well made food.  The consistency of the filling was nearly perfect and the moisture of each stick was dead-on.  Flavor-wise, each and every bite had the same exceptionally well-balanced savory/hot punch that is the essence of the tasty treat.

Overall Impression (B+):  Delicious!  While the ‘hot’ stuff is often hit or miss, this one is definitely a hit!  The heat is there in abundance, but never overwhelming, and the flavor is just great.  The folks at Stemmler’s Meats are doubtlessly proud of their work and their pride is well-earned.  Grab some if you can, my hungry friends!

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