We just received the following Secret Jack Link’s sale info from the fine folks at 13Deals.com:

Good afternoon folks! Hungry? We have a secret sale on 3 Jack’s Links items. This is only going out to you, our current customers. Just coupon code SECRETJACK and get 20% off any purchase on the three available Jack’s Links items. http://www.13deals.com/store/tag.php?tag_id=282. There is no limit on how many you can order, and everything ships free today!

Stay cool, stay thirsty, and stay regular – Those 13Deals People

This is a good deal if you want to stock up well known, tasty jerky.  They’re offering 5 Packs of Jumbo Teriyako Beef Sticks, 8 packs of Hot Beef Snack Sticks, and a GIANT SQUATCH mugh with 60 original mild beef sticks!  Wow.

Eat well, friends!