Today’s meaty treat is Pacific Gold Beef Pepperoni Sticks, purchased at the local Costco here in Frisco, Texas.

Pacific Gold Beef Pepperoni Sticks

Pacific Gold Beef Pepperoni Sticks

Pacific Gold is one of the brands made by the Oberto Sausage Company and is sold far and wide.  This bag from Costco is pretty hefty at 1.5 lbs and, with a zipper-bag closure, makes for a good on-hand snack.  But, the most pressing question is, “Is it delicious?”  Let’s see what you get with this one:

Taste (B+):  These sticks have a very pronounced smoky flavor (the packaging states “Natural Smoke Flavor Added”) that, while pretty strong, is still very enjoyable.  There’s a bit of spice in there, too, but it seems to poke at your mouth a bit here and there without trying to define the experience.  This is a simple, straightforward taste that holds up well as you eat more and more… and you will eat more and more.

Texture (A-):  This pepperoni is a bit on the moist side with just a bit of snap as you take a bite through the casing.  It has a pleasant chew and is not at all greasy to the touch.  As you work your way through your bite you get a sense of all the meaty goodness they put into these sticks and it all works together nicely.  With the very subjective note that a slightly dryer texture would probably be even better, this one is very well done.

Smell (B):  As expected, these sticks have a nicely smoky smell that clearly sets you up for their taste.  The scent is strong, but again pleasantly so.  The various spices add some subtlety to the aroma for a good overall experience.

Appearance (A-):  Stick for stick, this pepperoni looks pretty good.  The dark brown, slightly wrinkled exterior is appetizing and the sausage interior is well blended – also pleasing to the eye. This is a good looking treat.

Consistency (A+):  The folks at Oberto have really done a GREAT job with their quality control.  Bite for bite, stick for stick, this is a fantastically consistent food.  You would be hard pressed to discern any meaningful variation in taste or texture amid the bag.  This is a very challenging accomplishment and it really makes for some great eating.

Overall Impression (B+):  This is a really great treat.  It’s tasty, eats well, and is clearly made with attention to quality.  If you have the opportunity go ahead and pick yourself up a bag (or two) and enjoy!