Review: Kountry Boys Sausage (B+)

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Today it’s all about Kountry BoysGourmet Smoked Pork and Venison with Garlic” Sausage, purchased at the State Fair of Texas.

Kountry Boys Gourmet Smoked Pork and Venison with Garlic Sausage

Kountry Boys Gourmet Smoked Pork and Venison with Garlic Sausage

Previously unacquainted with Kountry Boys, I’ve been looking forward to sampling this sausage to see what they have to offer.  I’m often a bit apprehensive with “real” sausage since people’s tastes seem to very so wildly, but this is pretty good!   Here’s what you get with this one:


Taste (B)

This sausage has a nice, mild flavor.  They did a good job at blending the pork and venison with neither meat’s flavor particularly dominating the other.  The smoke flavor is subtle and the garlic suits the meats nicely.  There is some complexity to it, too, that builds as you eat it.  I found that my first impression wasn’t all that enthusiastic, but the taste quickly grew on me and I found myself quickly enjoying the second and third sticks.

Texture (A)

They did this right.  The sticks have a good initial snap to them but are otherwise slightly tender and feel substantial in your mouth.  The meat isn’t grainy or uneven, as you sometime find in some sausage treats, and delivers a really enjoyable overall experience.

Smell (B)

While you get a very subtle preview of the sausage’s flavors, this sausage doesn’t have much of an aroma to it.  It works and seems complementary, overall.  A bit more of an aroma would have been preferred, but what’s there didn’t detract at all.

Appearance (A)

The sausages are very appetizing in appearance.  Their color conveys their smoky flavor, the slightly mottled texture suggests a dry, but not too dry consistency, and they’re just the right size and thickness to suggest that something good is coming.

Consistency (A)

The Boys have done well in preparing a sausage that’s good from the first bite to the last.  The casings for their sausages provided a good snap with each bite but quickly gave way to the meat itself.  The blend of meats and seasonings was thorough and enjoyable to eat.

Overall Impression (B+)

These guys make a good sausage!  The taste is pretty good, but the overall quality of this sausage really sustains the experience.  You’ll like this one, and I’d wager their other varieties pack some tasty goodness, too.

Good stuff, Boys!


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