Review: Woody’s Smokehouse Pork Jerky (A-)

Howdy fellow meat-eaters!

We’re sampling a bit of Woody’s Smokehouse Pork Jerky, purchased at the fantastically delicious Woody’s Smokehouse in Centerville, Texas.

Woody's Smokehouse Pork Jerky

Woody’s Smokehouse Pork Jerky

Another of the meaty treats picked up on a recent visit to this venerable institution, this pork jerky is sold by the piece or by the bag… so we did both.  We purchased a half-pound of jerky from the meat counter and picked up a vacuum sealed individual piece just for grins.  Is this the jerky you’ve been yearning for?  Let’s find out what you get in this one:

Taste (A-):  Wow, this is some tasty stuff.  This is a peppery jerky, spicy in just the right measure, that perfectly complements and enhances the taste of the excellently tasty pork.  It’s simply delicious and, for those who prefer to really taste the meat, really delivers.

Texture (A+):  Cut along the grain, this natural-style jerky is easy to tear into bites and chews easily.  It’s a tender but only slightly moist jerky that  feels just right.  The thickness of the pieces is spot on as well as being just thick enough to give you some substance in each bite but still thin enough to allow for easy consumption.  Simply fantastic.

Smell (B+):  The dried pork smell is pretty nice here.  It has a mellow, meaty smell with little else to get in the way.  You can just faintly detect a bit of the pepper, but overall it foreshadows the taste to come nicely.

Appearance (A):  You’ll notice right off that this jerky is made of choice meat.  Sporting a reddish-brown color and a natural-cut look, the pieces range in size from bites to several inches long.  Coarse ground pepper is loosely spread across the surface and it all combines to provide a squarely appetizing overall look.

Consistency (A+):  Again, Woody’s Smokehouse knows their stuff – this an expertly crafted jerky.  The pieces are of a uniform thickness and flavor through and through.  The coarse pepper never seems to be more intense in one bite over another and the moisture of each piece is meticulously uniform.  This jerky shows true skill and the benefit of many, many years of craftsmanship.

Overall (A-):  This is some seriously good stuff.  There’s nothing elaborate here, you’re getting straight forward pork jerky done right and that is absolutely all you need.  Bite for bite this stuff is just outright great and if you’re a fan of pork jerky we’d wager that you’ll eat this stuff up in a hurry.  It’s okay.. succumb to temptation…  make your way to either of Woody’s Smokehouse locations or order up some of this delicious meat from their website.  Your mouth will delight in the meaty joy of it all.  Enjoy!

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