Review: Whittington’s Shredded Beef Jerky (A)


This time we’re taking a look at Whittington’s Shredded Beef Jerky, purchased at the State Fair of Texas.


Whittington's Shredded Beef Jerky

Whittington’s Shredded Beef Jerky

This Texas beef jerky is good stuff.  It has a thoroughly enjoyable taste and the small ‘shredded’ pieces are fun to eat.  Here’s what you get with this one:

Taste (A)

This beef jerky has a mild, pleasing taste that is at first slightly sweet, becoming smoky with a bit of pepper and spice.  Like other Whittington’s jerky, they’ve done a great job of seasoning their meat just enough to enhance the natural goodness of the beef without overpowering it.  This works well for this snack and the jerky goes down well.

Texture (A)

This is how it is done.  This jerky is tender, but not overly moist, and it doesn’t make you work *too* hard as you eat.  I’d go so far as to say they nailed the moisture with this one.  It was only slightly moist, not so dry as to desiccate your mouth, but still dry enough to come across as the quality jerky it is.  There was no noticeable gristle to be found and the overall experience was a good one.

Smell (B+)

This jerky has a slightly tangy smell that prepares you for the tasty morsels to come.  This adds to the overall experience while still being relatively subtle, too.  I like it.

Appearance (A-)

A good looking treat, this jerky has an invitingly dark, rich appearance.

Consistency (A)

This is something Whittington’s has down pat – every piece of this jerky was good through and through.  They’re skillful jerky makers and it shows.

Overall Impression (A)

It’s a keeper.  This jerky delivers a tasty treat that will leave you ready for more.

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