Review: The Jerky Hut Cowboy Smoked Beef Jerky (B+)


Today we’re gnawing on some Cowboy Smoked Beef Jerky from the folks at The Jerky Hut.  We picked this bit of meaty goodness up at a local gun show where the vendor offered samples of the various flavors of Jerky they had on hand.

The Jerky Hut Cowboy Smoked Beef Jerky

The Jerky Hut Cowboy Smoked Beef Jerky

We’ve seen The Jerky Hut’s wares a few times over the years but this was the first time we put down some dollars to check ’em out.  Based upon the samples we tried there seemed to be some real promise.  So, did the tease bites tell the whole tale?  Let’s see what you get with this one:

Taste (A-):  This is a salty, smoky jerky that’s slightly sweet and has an enjoyably rich flavor with skillful subtlety.   While the smoky flavor is clearly the point of it all, the sweetness has a bit of brown sugar and maple and the label even indicates there’s some teriyaki flavoring thrown in there as well.  You can definitely tell there’s some variety in there, but the flavors blend so well you’d be hard pressed to say what they are.  Overall it just tastes great!

Texture (A):  As a natural-style jerky these pieces are cut thick along the grain.  The meat is tender, but not particularly moist, and the thickness of the slices is just right to give you a substantial and satisfying bite and chew.  The jerky eats with ease and doesn’t demand any significant effort to consume.  This is a fantastically well-made bit of meat.

Smell (B):  With a sweet and smoky smell that will get you in the mood you’re given a solid preview of the flavors in the meat.  The scent isn’t particularly strong but what you can make out of it smells really good.

Appearance (A-):  This jerky looks fantastic.  The pieces are dark brown with a slight sheen and the thick, irregular shape of the jerky suggest an old-school approach that really appeals.  The Jerky Hut folks clearly put some care into selecting their meat and it shows in every bite.

Consistency (B+):  This jerky is almost a rock star of consistency.  The pieces are of similar thickness and width but vary enough to look as though they weren’t the product of mechanical manipulation.  The moisture of the jerky is low but still the meat is tender and easy to eat.  The only shortcoming, and it’s only marginal, is that the taste from bite to bite was sometimes a bit inconsistent.  Most of the package was dead-on with great taste but a notable number of pieces seemed under-seasoned to the point they were conspicuously bland compared to the rest of the package.  Even then, those bites were still enjoyable so it shouldn’t deter anyone from digging in.

Overall Impression (B+):  This is a really tasty jerky.  The solid smoky flavor with it’s great complex sweetness is truly joyful and is a perfect complement to the quality of this meat.  If you see some of this well-made and delicious jerky you should seize the opportunity to buy yourself a real treat.  Pick some up and enjoy!

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