Review: Texas Best Smokehouse Honey Bison Jerky (A)


Today we’re partaking of some Honey Bison Jerky procured at a visit to Texas Best Smokehouse in Italy, Texas.

Texas Best Smokehouse Honey Bison Jerky

Texas Best Smokehouse Honey Bison Jerky

Texas Best Smokehouse is a roadside establishment along I-35, south of Dallas, and offers a variety of tasty meats and various snacks and beverages.  Jerky-wise, they sell a number of different types of jerky, including today’s Bison.  It’s a great place to stop and satisfy your meat tooth.  So how does this Honey Bison Jerky fare?  Let’s see what you get with this one:

Taste (A):  Wow, this stuff tastes great.  Well made bison jerky is some of the best around and this jerky absolutely delivers to that promise.  First, the meat is not at all gamey.  There’s some sweetness from the honey and sugar, blended to perfection, and the savory flavors of garlic and pepper are coupled with soy and Worcestershire sauce to great effect.  Still, all of it does nothing but enhance the already outstanding flavor of the bison itself.  The resulting taste is simply outstanding and shows just how skilled the TBS folks are.

Texture (A):  Bison is a naturally lean meat and this jerky shows that off in all its glory.  The jerky is dry and yet still tender and feel fantastic in your mouth.  Every bite conveys quality.

Smell (A+):  The aroma of this jerky is just outstanding.  The bison smells incredibly appetizing and the seasonings add an array of scents that are simply delightful.  It all blends to provide something special.

Appearance (A):  This jerky has a dark brown color and a slight sheen, likely from the honey and sugar.  The pieces of bison are cut against the grain and have a fantastically natural look.  Large grains of pepper are visible on the surface and the pieces are sized large and small, but all at least a few bites.  This looks great and really enhances the overall experience.

Consistency (A):  The Texas Best Smokehouse folks clearly know their craft.  Throughout the package each piece is seasoned evenly through and through.  They made this jerky with expert control and their product is absolutely exceptional.

Overall Impression (A):  This is jerky done very, very right.  It takes the already delicious bison and elevates it into something even better.  It’s delicious, expertly made, and amazingly good to eat.  You want some.  Now.  It’s worth going out of your way to visit Italy, Texas and the good folks at Texas Best Smokehouse.  Eat well!

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