Review: Stemmler’s Regular Beef Jerky (B+)

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Today we’re partaking of some Stemmler’s Regular Beef Jerky from Stemmler’s Meats in Ontario, Canada.  This is the second of four meaty treats donated by the ever-awesome Doug L.

Stemmler's Regular Beef Jerky

Stemmler’s Regular Beef Jerky

This small batch jerky is part of Stemmler’s award-winning line of quality meats.  The focus with ‘regular’ style jerky like this is accentuating the natural flavor of the beef.  How well does Stemmler’s Meat’s bring out the glory of the beef?  Let’s see what you get with this one:

Taste (B+):  You can really taste the beef in all its glory, savory and full of deliciousness.  They did a fantastic job at adding just enough seasoning to deliver a rich and meat flavor without bringing anything other than the beef itself into focus in your mouth.  The quality of execution here is nothing short of expert.

Texture (B):  Slightly pliable and dried through and through, this jerky is tough at first but quickly gives way to an easy eat.  The cross-cut pieces tear easily and feel really nice as you eat them.  Again, nicely done.

Smell (B+):  Given the very subtle seasoning used on this jerky it is no surprise that pretty much all you smell is the beef.  It’s expertly well done.  The smell is gentle and enjoyable with an almost f subtle meaty scent.  It is a real delight.

Appearance (B+):  This jerky looks great.  The cross-cut pieces are sliced deli-thin and really show off the rich brown colors of this regular style jerky.

Consistency (A):  It’s worth saying again, the Stemmler’s folks clearly love meat.  This jerky is made with clear attention to quality ensuring each piece is perfectly.  There’s nothing to take away from enjoying this jerky from the first bite to the last.  Again, they did a great job!

Overall Impression (B+):  This is some seriously good regular jerky.  The good folks at Stemmler’s Meats show they know their stuff in making an outstanding example of Jerkyology prowess.    If ever you find yourself in their neck of the woods you should definitely make a point of picking some of this delicious jerky up for yourself.

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