Review: Jack Link Original Matador Beef Jerky (A-)

Hello again!

We’re taking a gander at some Jack Link’s Original Matador Beef Jerky, again courtesy of the fine folks at Frito-Lay.  Along with a bag of their teriyaki, their marketing folks generously sent over a sample bag of Original Matador for our enjoyment and review.  Go, Frito-Lay!

Jack Link's Original Matador Beef Jerky

This is a ‘people treat’ style jerky aimed at the snack-needing people of the world.  How stack-worthy is it?  Let’s see what you get with this one:

Taste (B+):  ‘Bold flavor’ says it well enough.  This jerky has a brown sugar sweetness set against a rich smoky flavor that just doesn’t mess around.  You take a bite and it’s all right there.  The less pronounced flavors, while few, are nicely complementary making for a genuinely enjoyable taste.  You’ll dig it.

Texture (A):  The key word here is ‘tender’.  This is a expertly tender jerky with just the right balance of moist and substantial.  The bites are right and it feels good in your mouth.

Smell (B):  The smell of this jerky, while bold like the taste, is almost a bit too bold.  The smoky scent is particularly pronounced and hits your nose hard, not conveying any of the other flavors.  Still, that smell is a delicious one, so even with being a bit confrontational you really don’t mind that at all.  It smells pretty good and is a good complement to the taste.

Appearance (A-):  The jerky is uniform, in bite-sized pieces, with a rich brown color and a slight sheen.  There’s a slightly mottled surface to each piece, as well, in a nicely formed oblong shape.  It works for eating a little bite at a time or for popping a few at a time as you chow down.  Their look is both appetizing and suggests quality.  It works.

Consistency (A+):  Like their teriyaki counterparts, this jerky is a reference example of consistency.  This people treat style jerky provides the jerky maker with the highest degree of control for ensuring quality and Jack Link’s have done it right with the Original Matador.

Overall Impression (A-):  Said simply, this is good stuff.  If you’re cruisin’ for a delicious, straightforward meaty treat then the Original Matador Jerky will definitely take care of you.  This is an expertly made jerky from the folks at Jack Link’s and you’re bound to enjoy polishing off a bag or two the next time you’re hankerin’ for some snacky meat.  Grab some and eat well!