Review: Field Trip Teriyaki No. 23 Beef Jerky (A-)

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We’re taking a taste of some Field Trip Teriyaki No.23 Beef Jerky, another of the mixed 6 pack jerky special from Woot!

Field Trip Teriyaki No.23 Beef Jerky

Field Trip Teriyaki No.23 Beef Jerky

This is a self-described artisan jerky made from top round beef without artificial preservatives, added MSG, or nitrates.  There’s a real emphasis on simple quality with this jerky that suggests it’ll be a real treat.  Does it deliver something tasty?  Let’s see what you get with this one:

Taste (A):  From the very first bite you wont’ have any doubts that this is a full-on teriyaki flavored jerky, and the Field Trip folks didn’t hold back on the sweetness, either.  This jerky’s taste starts off with an almost candy-like sweetness full of sugar, honey, and fruity flavors.  It’s fantastic and they managed to make it unapologetically sweet without making it at all overwhelmingly sugary.  It’s a fantastic balance to achieve.  Along with this are the tangy teriyaki flavors coupled with a smokiness and some garlic and pepper.  Behind the teriyaki, which really seems to evolve the sweetness more than anything pointedly of its own, the smoky and savory flavors are subtle and add a delightful bit of character without commanding your attention.  The flavor is just great and is a really entertaining take on the traditional teriyaki taste.

Texture (B+):  This is a slightly moist jerky, cut along the grain, that takes a bit of effort to tear into but chews pretty nicely once you get going.  It’s pleasant stuff.

Smell (B+):  This jerky smells nice, with a very forward sweet scent that conveys some of the soy sauce and brown sugar but seems to more generally convey ‘sweet stuff is coming!’.  It does a great job of foretelling the taste and is a good complement overall.

Appearance (A):  This jerky is dark brown in color with hints of red if the light hits it just right.  It has a slight sheen, no doubt from all the sweetness in the marinade, that seems to accentuate the texture of the lean beef.  The pieces are all bite-sized with a mixture of straight-cut and natural edges that lend an appetizing air to it all.  This jerky simply looks tasty.  ’nuff said.

Consistency (A-):  The flavor in this jerky is exactingly consistent throughout the bag.  Bite to bite you get the same great sweet and tangy goodness.  The beef itself is lean and tasty and, with only one exception, every piece was tender and inviting.  The Field Trip folks have executed with great skill and their jerky shows it in spades.

Overall Impression (A-):  The Field Trip Jerky company have done it again with another exceptional jerky that delivers quality meat with a taste that’ll leave you wanting more.  It has subtlety and character and you can really enjoy the fullness of what it has to offer.  It’s an artisan jerky for sure and we’re definitely fans.  Pick yourself up a bag and partake of its meaty goodness.  Eat well!

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