Review: Armando’s Quality Meats Beef Jerky (A-)

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Today’s tasty treat is a bag of Armando’s Quality Meats Beef Jerky procured at their counter in the Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Armando's 's Quality Meats Beef Jerky

Armando’s ‘s Quality Meats Beef Jerky

The Public Market is awash in all manner of tasty temptations, and jerky was well represented among them.  Armando’s Quality Meats offered their own tempting variety of fresh meats and cheeses with a steady stream of customers partaking of their wares.  The name sets the tone – Quality Meats – and they seemed to take their craft quite seriously.  So, spying a bin of large pieces of beef jerky perched invitingly atop their meat counter, the clear opportunity was to buy some and give it the ol’ jerkyology treatment.  So, does the meat live up to the name?  Let’s see what you get with this one:

Taste (A-):  This is simple, tasty jerky done right.  This jerky has a predominantly salty flavor, with just a touch of sweetness to it, doing nothing more than accentuating a fine piece of quality beef.  It’s a fantastic, straightforward jerky that delivers a wonderful beefy flavor through and through.  The folks at Armando’s Quality Meats give you a straight road to tasty-goodness with this delicious treat.

Texture (A):  This jerky is sincerely enjoyable to eat.  The meat is tender and just slightly moist, tearing easily and chewing with ease.  The pieces are large, cut along the grain, and have a satisfying heft to them even with the relatively thin cut of the meat.

Smell (B+):  This wonderfully simple jerky sports the simple aroma of a salty bit of dried beef.  You can really discern the quality of the beef used in this jerky by its fantastic scent.  It’s truly enjoyable.

Appearance (A):  Your eyes will tell you right away that this is REAL jerky.  This dark brown meat shows off the texture of this fine beef with natural edges and a thin thickness, looking every bit the tasty, no-frills beef jerky that it is and that’s a really great thing.

Consistency (A):  The folks at Armando’s Quality Meats show their stuff with this excellently made jerky.  The thickness and moisture of the meat is uniform from bite to bite with every tasting as good as the last.  They seem to understand the tasty potential of their fine beef and have expertly enhanced its goodness while preserving the innate flavor of the meat itself.  It’s just fantastic.

Overall Impression (A-):  Wow, what a wonderful treat this jerky is.  Amid the sea of jerky flavors that can often distract you from the raw material that started it all, this beef jerky will put you in touch with the essential goodness that is real, unadulterated beef jerky.  It’s not just tasty, it’s delightful, and it is a delicious and it is simple.  There’s real skill in doing the simple things this well and clearly the people at Armando’s Quality Meats have skill to spare.  If you find yourself near the joy and bustle of the Granville Island Public Market swing by their meat counter and pick up some of their outstanding meat.  It’s a treat you’ll sincerely enjoy.  Eat well!

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