It’s 2013 and the meat is ON!

Greetings my hungry friends!

We’re a couple weeks into 2013 and, so far, the year is starting off nicely.  The weather here in Texas is great, family and friends are generally doing well, and the Jerkyology stockpile of jerky has been filled to excess.  Yes, we’re starting off the year quite nicely, thank you.  So, to make the best of our meaty fortunes we’ll be posting our reviews with much greater frequency than in years past.  That’s right:  we’re going to eat MORE jerky and tell YOU all about it.  We have scores of different jerky queued up from familiar and not-so-familiar places and its going to be tons of fun checking it all out.

So, from everyone at, Happy New Year and Happy Jerky!

Talk at y’all later,


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